Zoning Disclaimer: 

Zoning descriptions are maintained by Lucas County and are subject to change.  Information provided is deemed a reliable point of reference but is not guaranteed and should be independently verified with the individual municipality. Please contact The Toledo-Lucas County Plan Commission at (419) 245-1200.   

Note that the Zoning Codes are different than the Class/Landuse codes used by the Lucas County Real Estate Division.


Zoning Code

Agriculture District

Village of Waterville


Permitted Uses

In the A-1 Agriculture District no premises shall be used and no build erected or use except for one of the following purposes:

  1. One single-family residence.
  2. Gardens (home).
  3. Cemetery.
  4. Farms.
  5. Crop production.
  6. Barn or stable for livestock.
  7. Pasturage.
  8. Customary accessory uses related to farming/agriculture use.