Zoning Disclaimer:


Zoning descriptions are maintained by Lucas County and are subject to change.  Information provided is deemed a reliable point of reference but is not guaranteed and should be independently verified with the individual township.  Please contact the Toledo-Lucas County Plan Commissions at (419) 245-1200.  Refer to the Washington Township Zoning Resolution for additional requirements.


Note that the Zoning Codes are different than the Class/Landuse codes used by the Lucas County Real Estate Division.


Zoning Code                          Description                                                Township

R-1A                                        Residential District                                  Washington Township


The purpose of the Residential (R-1A) District is to provide areas for single family dwellings on lots 7800 square feet in size or larger.


Permitted Uses

Accessory Uses and Accessory Structures

Church or Place of Worship

Dwelling, Single-Family

Home Occupation

Permanently Sited Manufactured Home


Special Uses

The following use may be approved as a Special Use:


*Telecommunication Tower


*See Zoning Resolution for additional criteria.