Zoning Disclaimer: 

Zoning descriptions are maintained by Lucas County and are subject to change.  Information provided is deemed a reliable point of reference but is not guaranteed and should be independently verified with the individual municipality. Please contact the City of Maumee at (419) 897-7075.

Note that the Zoning Codes are different than the Class/Landuse codes used by the Lucas County Real Estate Division.  


Zoning Code

Controlled Industrial District

City of Maumee


The M-1 Controlled Industrial District is intended to provide for industrial uses having a minimal impact upon the surrounding environment in areas that are suitable for industrial development by reason of their location and the availability of adequate utility and transportation systems.  Industrial uses that can be operated in a clean and quiet manner, subject only to those regulations and performance standards necessary to prohibit congestion and for the protection of adjacent residential and business activities are permitted.  It is anticipated that uses established in this district will be developed in an industrial park-like setting.