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Welcome to the Toledo Legal News (TLN). The TLN is a newspaper of general circulation and designated Law Journal servicing Toledo and Lucas County since 1894. It provides a complete record of the filings of the courts which include: new suits, motions, journal entries, Supreme Court Summaries, bankruptcies, liens, Legal Notices, and Judges Assignments. It also provides Lien filings from the Recorder’s office and the list of properties going up for auction from Sheriff’s Department. TLN, as a request from its readers, has a list of provides business and vital statistic information.

Our newspaper also covers the legislative activities of Ohio, providing information on proposed Bills from the House and the Senate and summarizes the Supreme and Appeals Courts Decisions. The newspaper has articles on local happenings and varied sporting events and guest editorials are always welcomed.

Aside from the legal community, the newspaper dispenses pertinent and useful information to the business and general populous in such accurate and dependable a manner as to elicit and hold the confidence and good will of its readers.


Since, the creation of the web site, the paper has expanded its readership to approximately over 53,000 visitors per month, who are viewing over 137,000 pages per month.

TLN website is FREE to view on line which includes one to six weeks of current data, depending on the category. Search capabilities are available only with a paid web subscription. A copy of TLN can be found at most Libraries of Lucas and limited access to TLN website.

There are 4 types of paid subscriptions:

  1. Print version are sent by US mail
  2. Print version sent via email
  3. Web subscription which gives you access to all data bases with search capabilities and grid maps of sheriff sale properties
  4. Combinations of the above subscriptions
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Sixteenth Page$155.00
1.8" x 4.5" or 4" x 3"
1 line$4.73
Rates are for each issue.

A 20% discount is given for each additional run date or if the ad runs 4 times the 5th time is free.


Ads must be submitted a minimum of 3 days before publication date by 9:30 am. If a government holiday falls in that week, the ad must be received 7 days before the publication date.


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  • Group A Home Page
    • 52,700 Visits per month
    • 139,000 page views per month
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    • 120X240 pixels -right column $200.00/week $600.00/month
    • 160X600 pixels -left column $300.00/week $900.00/month
    • 160X600 pixels -right column $300.00/week $900.00/month
  • Group B Death Notices Page
    • IAB ad size 728X90 $200.00/week $600.00/month
  • Group C Real Estate Pages
    • IAB ad size 728X90 $200.00/week $600.00/month
  • Group D Other Pages
    • IAB ad size 728X90 $100.00/week $300.00/month
  • Classified:
    • $99.00/month , maximum 3 lines.

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