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Request to Bid Legal Notice

The Toledo Zoo is soliciting sealed proposals for the Hummingbird Exterior Holding Project. The bid package includes all supervision, materials, labor, and equipment for the Hummingbird Exterior Holding Project. Work shall include but not be limited to trenching, installation and backfill of secondary containment mesh below grade, augering and casting of concrete foundations, sidewalk installation, removal and disposal of spoils, vertical and horizontal fence framing systems to create holding areas, keeper access doors and all necessary fittings and accessories, vertical and horizontal wire mesh, bird transfer chutes from interior holding to exterior holding and landscape restoration of areas affected by construction activities.
Copies of bidding documents may be obtained on and after December 18, 2017 from the Toledo Zoo’s Administration Building located at 2605 Broadway St., Toledo, Ohio 43609; Phone: (419) 385-5721. No document deposit is required. Bid documents may be reviewed at The Toledo Zoo.
Sealed bids will be received at the Zoo’s Administration Building located at 2605 Broadway St. until January 11, 2019 @ 2:00pm and opened immediately in the Administration Building. Bids will be accepted only on the bid package forms provided and only if the bids are received on or before the bid time stated. The official bid clock will be the clock located within the Administration Building. A certified check, cashier’s check, or a letter of credit, in the amount of ten percent (10%) of the bid amount, or a bid bond in accordance with all applicable sections of the Ohio Revised Code is required. Particular attention should be given to Ohio Revised Code Section 307.88, 153.54, 153.57, and 153.571. If your proposal is accompanied by a certified check, cashier’s check, or a letter of credit, a performance and payment bond for 100% of your bid proposal will be required.
Minimum Wage Rates, Prevailing Wage Rates, and Equal Employment Opportunity laws of the United States and the State of Ohio are applicable to all bids received for this project.
It will be mandatory that all Bidders visit the site and physically inspect the work to be performed. No proposal shall be accepted unless there is verification that the Bidder has performed this physical inspection. A mandatory pre-bid meeting will be conducted commencing on December 21, 2017 at 8:30am. Bidders will meet at the Administration Building, 2605 Broadway St. A site tour will follow and be part of the pre-bid meeting. No proposal will be accepted by The Toledo Zoo from a contractor not in attendance at the pre-bid meeting. Confirmed attendance shall be considered a signature from a representative of the bidding contractor on the official pre-bid “sign-in sheet”.
Bids are subject to the terms and conditions of the Bidding Documents and the terms and conditions are hereby incorporated into the Invitation to Bid the same as if written in full herein. The owner may reject any and all bids on any basis and without disclosure of a reason. The Owner may waive any informality in the bidding to the extent permitted by law, or accept the bid which is the “lowest and best” and which embraces such combination of alternates as may promote the best interests of the Owner. Such actions taken by the Owner shall not result in accrual of any right, claim, or cause of action by any unsuccessful bidder against The Toledo Zoo, the Board of Lucas County Commissioners, or Consultants under contract to The Toledo Zoo who prepared the specification and drawings.
Erik Johnson, The Toledo Zoo
Facilities Construction
Assistant Field Superintendent
419-389-6403 ext. 3015
12-12-2017 1Tue & 12-18-2017 1Mon

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