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United States vs $9,010.00 in U.S. Currency, Case No. 3:08CV1164
Notice is hereby given that on July 15, 2008, the United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio, Western Division, entered an Agreement and Consent Order of Forfeiture forfeiting the following property to the United States of America:
$4,050.00 (half) of the $9,010.00 in U.S. Currency seized on November 6, 2007, by the Sandusky Police Department and Perkins Township Police Department from the residence of Chad R. Michel.
The foregoing Agreement and Consent Order of Forfeiture having been entered on July 15, 2008, the United States hereby gives notice of its intention to dispose of the forfeited assest in such manner as the United States Attorney General may direct. Any person other than Chad Michel or Amberlee Smith, having or claiming a legal right, title or interest in the forfeited asset, must file a petition with the Court in the above-captioned action within thirty (30) days of the final publication of this notice. The petition shall be for a hearing to adjudicate the validity of the petitioner's alleged interest in the forfeited assets, and shall be filed with the Court at the following address: U.S. Courthouse, 1716 Spielbusch Avenue, Toledo, Ohio 43604. A copy of said petition also shall be provided to the Office of the United States Attorney, Guillermo J. Rojas, Assistant United States Attorney, Four Seagate, Suite 308, Toledo, Ohio 43604.
Under 21 U.S.C. § 853(n)(3), the petition shall be signed by the petitioner under penalty of perjury and shall set forth the nature and extent of the petitioner's right, title or interest in the forfeited asset, the time and circumstances of the petitioner's acquisition of the right, title and interest in the forfeited asset and any additional facts supporting the petitioner's claim and the relief sought.
The Court may consolidate any hearing on a claimant's petition with any other hearings on any other petitions filed by any person or entity, other than the defendant. If a claimant requests a hearing, it will be held before the Court alone, without a jury. Claimants have the right at the hearing to testify and present evidence and witnesses on their own behalf, and cross examine witnesses who appear at the hearing.
United States Marshall
Northern District of Ohio
8-27-2008 1Wed

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