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Notice Content: NOTICE OF
The State of Ohio, Lucas County, ss:
Whereas Accounts & Vouchers have been filed in the office of said Court of the Administrators of the Estates and/or the Executors of the Will of the following deceased persons, to-wit:
2014EST0008 Evaughn M MIchael
2017EST0409 Douglas C Wamsher
2017EST0802 Charles H Krohn
2017EST1140 Bonnie Giles
2017EST1653 Larry Knoke
2017EST1708 Andreas Dionyssiou
2018EST1261 Gerald R Jones
2018EST1450 Sharon Rene Wofford
2018EST2485 James A Reynolds
2019EST0062 Mary M Warrer
2019EST0172 Charles H Michener
2019EST0194 Stanley L Osborn
2019EST0566 Jeri Lynn Madsen
2019EST0690 Phyllis J Rosen
2019EST0702 David J Jankowski
2019EST0739 Amy J Whately
2019EST0834 Drew A Winhoven
And by the Conservatorships of
2018CON1087 Terry G Williams
And by the Guardians of
2004GDN1679 Diane Lynn Schermbeck
2018GDN0969 Reyhan P Shtino
And by the Trustees of
2010TST2193 Heather L Oliver
2015TST0293 John H Gottschalk
Notice is therefore hereby given, that said accounts & vouchers are now on file in the office of said court, being suspended for confirmation. Any person interested in said accounts or any items thereof, may file written exceptions thereto at least five days before the 16th day of October, 2019, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, when the same will be heard and disposed of.
Probate Judge
09-17-2019 1Tue

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