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Notice Content: NOTICE OF
The State of Ohio, Lucas County, ss:
Whereas Accounts & Vouchers have been filed in the office of said Court of the Administrators of the Estates and/or the Executors of the Will of the following deceased persons, to-wit:
2012EST0770 Henry A Ricks Jr
2012EST1243 Harry L Lublin
2015EST2300 Robert E O’Brien
2016EST2183 Carolyn Roberts-Cole
2017EST0540 Howard F Wenger
2018EST0682 Catherine A Knakiewicz
2018EST0752 Eloise M Tomanski
2018EST0783 Paula Jill Ridener
2018EST0963 Henry E Thompson
2018EST1128 Harvey H Browning
2018EST1279 Mary T Horvath
2018EST1296 Betty E Wilkinson
2018EST1403 Thomas M Morrin
2018EST1542 James Carleton Judkins
2018EST2078 Gayle Sadler
2018EST2194 Frances Elaine Kerwin
2018EST2361 Gerald M Ronau
2019EST0018 Ronald Ford
2019EST0020 Donald E Sigurdson
2019EST0058 Fred Edward Powell
2019EST0128 Mary M Kessel
2019EST0214 James W Haase
2019EST0426 Karl F Huls Jr
2019EST0678 Mary E Keil
2019EST0832 Timothy Mosley
2019EST0930 Jeremy J M Paterson
2019EST1013 Susan Marie Petrus
2019EST1053 Anthony Morano
And by the Guardians of
2008GDM0831 Hayden Tarpy
2010GDN2345 Miranda Elizabeth Withrow
2014GDN0210 Paul Jeffrey Upman
2014GDN1453 Seamus McGuire
2015GDN2189 Eugene McDonald
2016GDN1459 Dorothy J Zajac
2017GDN0740 Devin M Fetterman
2017GDN1711 Mary Louise Oakes
2018GDN1227 George Royer
And by the Trustees of
2007TST1480 Laurel Christine Volk
2011TST2442 Donna M Churilo
2017TST1865 Beverly E Case
2280 Herman J Bollinger
Notice is therefore hereby given, that said accounts & vouchers are now on file in the office of said court, being suspended for confirmation. Any person interested in said accounts or any items thereof, may file written exceptions thereto at least five days before the 25th day of September, 2019, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, when the same will be heard and disposed of.
Probate Judge
08-27-2019 1Tue

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