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Public Hearing Legal Notices

Notice Content: NOTICE OF
The State of Ohio, Lucas County, ss:
Whereas Accounts & Vouchers have been filed in the office of said Court of the Administrators of the Estates and/or the Executors of the Will of the following deceased persons, to-wit:
2012EST1794 Marvin Cawthon
2013EST0890 Dean Holtz
2014EST1252 Carl G Gressler
2016EST0406 Robert T Dennis Sr
2017EST0599 Francis R Pizza
2017EST0752 Robin P Shellhammer
2017EST0753 Barbara J Shellhammer
2017EST0754 Bernice Stamper
2018EST0107 Jane A Nachtrab
2018EST0575 Ernest W Weaver Jr
2018EST0705 Linda D Rios
2018EST0769 Eugene R Hugg Jr
2018EST0875 Debra Dawn Cassidy
2018EST0925 Margaret A Kuchcinski
2018EST1296 Betty E Wilkinson
2018EST1930 Daniel C Seeman
2019EST2143 Shirley A Druschel
2018EST2494 Louise D Spitulski
2018EST2508 William H Wintersmith
2019EST0121 Frank Czyzewski
2019EST0178 Rose Marie Dunlap
2019EST0247 Francis J Mick
2019EST0453 Rosemary Phelan
2019EST0818 Curlie Hankins
And by the Guardians of
2004GDN2195 Kay E Devine
2011GDN0398 William F Schneider
2018GDN0876 June Pacholski
2018GDN0940 Virginia O Bennett
And by the Trustees of
2006TST1198 Mackenzie Tracy
2011TST2312 Susan A Johns
2018TST0775 Cassandra Cohen
2268 Edith Billstein
Notice is therefore hereby given, that said accounts & vouchers are now on file in the office of said court, being suspended for confirmation. Any person interested in said accounts or any items thereof, may file written exceptions thereto at least five days before the 31st day of July, 2019, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, when the same will be heard and disposed of.
Probate Judge
07-01-2019 1Mon

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