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Notice Content: NOTICE OF
The State of Ohio, Lucas County, ss:
Whereas Inventories have been filed in the office said Court by the Executors or Administrators of Estates of the following deceased persons, to-wit:
2015EST1676 Sheila Nanes
2018EST2543 Phyllis R Klimek
2019EST0189 Linda L Roberts
2019EST0211 Dorothy Jean Martindale
2019EST0220 Thomas A Baither
2019EST0261 Tyreece T Justice
2019EST0314 Gene R Crandall
2019EST0394 Nathan C Lewis Sr
2019EST0480 Molly A Rinker
2019EST0527 Randall D Mason
2019EST0550 Wilbert Lee Turner Sr
2019EST0618 Eileen Kearney
2019EST0621 Lynette Sue Kessler
2019EST0623 David S Albrecht
2019EST0640 Shirley Matthews
2019EST0702 David J Jankowski
2019EST0761 Walter Alberty
2019EST0832 Timothy Mosley
2019EST1158 Robert G Revells Jr
2019EST0402 Adolfo Garcia Sr
Notice is therefore given to the Executors or Administrators of the Estates of said deceased person; to the next of kin; beneficiaries under the wills; surviving spouses if any; and to the attorneys representing any of the aforementioned persons; that said Inventories of said aforementioned estates are now on file in the office of said Probate Court and that they will be for hearing before said Court on the 3rd day of July, 2019, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon.
Any person desiring to file exceptions to said Inventories must file them at least five days prior to the day set for hearing on which day said Inventories will be heard and disposed of.
Probate Judge
06-18, 06-25-2019 2Tue

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