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Public Auction Legal Notices

On April 20, 2022 starting at 2:45 PM at 6701 Dorr Street, and immediately following at 6660 N Mall Drive, the following storage units shall be sold at auction for non-payment of rent as per Outback Self Storage, Ltd, LLC, 6701 Dorr Street, Toledo, OH and Outback Self Storage, Ltd, II, LLC, 6660 N Mall Drive, Holland, OH Rental Agreement.
The sale shall include all noticed Owners at last known address personal property including but not limited to all contents, trunks, boxes, appliances, etc, enclosed within the described listed unit.
Unit 1111, Kelly Swartz 2414 Manoa Ln N;
Unit 1193, Brittany Cowell 1105 Pimlico Park;
Unit 2018, Montreece Richardson 2400 Wimbledon Park Blvd;
Unit 4016, Judith Joyner 1808 Wyndhurst Rd;
Unit 7033, Frances Richmond 1720 Westland Gardens Rd 102;
Unit 7112, Karen Pence 7519 Dorr Street;
Unit 8040, Tristen Medley 7018 Westwind Dr;
Unit 9106, Dan Victor 17279 San Carlos Blvd 63;
Unit 9130 10163 & 10169, Nathan Ray 2459 Tremainsville Rd 1F
Unit 9136, Toyanna Jackson 950 Oak St #3;
Unit 9124, Stephanie Jimenez 6325 Garden Rd #47;
Unit 5030, Michael Sims 4521 Whitegate Ave;
Unit 4175, Rodney Shock 1201 E Mall Dr
Outback Self Storage, Ltd, LLC
Outback Self Storage, Ltd, II, LLC
(419) 861-6600
04-01, 04-08-2022 2Fri

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