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Name Change Legal Notice - Index Page

Name Change Legal Notice - Index Page listings
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  Case # Regarding Changed Name Contact Org Contact Person
  Case # Regarding Changed Name Contact Org Contact Person
77 Pages < First | | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | | Last >
View permit details. 2019NCH2121 Change of Name of Danielle Lavern Carpenter aka Danielle Lavern Wright aka Danielle Lavern Turner to Danielle Lavern Wright Danielle Lavern Wright Danielle Turner
View permit details. 2019NCH2133 Nicole Marie Arnold to Nicole Marie Bohmer Nicole Marie Bohmer Nicole M Arnold
View permit details. 2019NCH2027 Change of Name of Rebekah Ruth Clinger to Reynaldo Rufaro Boff-Clinger Reynaldo Rufaro Boff-Clinger Rebekah Ruth Clinger
View permit details. 2019NCH1982 Change of Name of Amy Lynn Aldaco to Amy Lynn Garcia Amy Lynn Garcia Amy Aldaco
View permit details. 2019NCH2009 Change of Name of Jonathon Dov Singer to Kendal Dov Singer Kendal Dov Singer Jonathon Dov Singer
View permit details. 2019NCH2056 Ricardo Felipe Duran to Felipe Issachar Israel Felipe Issachar Israel Ricardo F Duran
View permit details. 2019NCH2003 Change of Name of Mary Anne Johnson to Mary Anne Joseph Nanney Mary Anne Joseph Nanney Jennifer J Antonini, Attorney
View permit details. 2019NCH2001 Change of Name of Gavin Alexander Pitt Jr to Gavin A Pitt Gavin A Pitt Gavin Alexander Pitt Jr
View permit details. 2019NCH1938 Change of Name of Zuriah Rose Lampkin Gaines to Zuriah Rose Lampkin Zuriah Rose Lampkin La’Deanna Lampkin
View permit details. 2019NCH1989 Change of Name of Kenny R Chan to Kitti Isranuchip Kitti Isranuchip Kenny R Chan
View permit details. 2019NCH1946 Change of Name of Mengle Julius Sanders Jr aka Mangle Julius Sanders Jr to Mangle Julius Sanders Jr. Mangle Julius Sanders Jr Mangle Sanders
View permit details. 2019NCH1966 Change of Name of Cynthia Marie Iorio to Cynthia Marie Frazier Cynthia Marie Frazier Jill M Varnes-Richardson
View permit details. 2019NCH2002 Change of Name of Franklin Alexander Willie aka Yusuf Sadiq Rahim to Yusuf Sadiq Rahim Yusuf Sadiq Rahim Franklin Alexander Willie aka Yusuf Sadiq Rahim
View permit details. 2019NCH1948 Spencer Gregory Norman Murphy Spencer G Kessen
View permit details. 2019NCH1902 Larry Schaupp Lawrence Andrew Schaupp Jr
View permit details. 2019NCH1877 Change of Name of Lindsay Michelle Bakies to Lindsay Bakies Gill Lindsay Bakies Gill Lindsay Michelle Bakies
View permit details. 2019NCH1855 Change of Name of Ruth Kathleen Lorentz fka Kathleen Ruth Lorentz aka Kathleen Ruth Weltin to Kathleen Ruth Weltin Kathleen Ruth Weltin Kathleen R Weltin
View permit details. 2019NCH1757 Thomas Lee Allen Thomas Allen
View permit details. 2019NCH1788 Hunter Bruce Clapper Hunter Bradford Faust
View permit details. 2019NCH1855 Kathleen Ruth Weltin Kathleen R Weltin
View permit details. 2019NCH1852 Aaliyah Nyasia Rivers to Aaliyah Nyasia Bates Aaliyah Nyasia Bates Crystal Lewis
View permit details. 2019NCH1807 Lonnell Doray Jones Lonnell D Jones
View permit details. 2019NCH1732 Jill Donovan Teitlebaum Jill Teitlebaum
View permit details. 2019NCH1759 Morgan Renee St. Clair Cristina St. Clair
View permit details. 2019NCH1808 Linda Marie Mitchell Linda Marie Mitchell
View permit details. 2019NCH1838 Ann Ostertag Walton Ann O Walton
View permit details. 2019NCH1761 Janiya Litrell Pettaway Tamica Pettaway
View permit details. 2019NCH1775 Mary Udell Oliver Mary Eudel Oliver
View permit details. 2019NCH1786 Holli Suzanne Majoros Holli Suzanne Oess
View permit details. 2019NCH1791 Irich Samantha Russell Irich S Callahan
View permit details. 2019NCH1787 Rosemary A Clapper Rose Marie Clapper
View permit details. 2019NCH1121 Ariel Grace Parsons Ashley D Lorenz
View permit details. 2019NCH1713 Lisa Marie Gilmore Lisa M Thompson
View permit details. 2019NCH1735 Eli Jacob Storer Brooke A Storer
View permit details. 2019NCH1698 Change of Name of Katherine Ellen Cromwell to Katherine Ellen Brenwell Katherine Ellen Brenwell Katherine Ellen Cromwell
View permit details. 2019NCH1710 Change of Name of Terry Lee Wyatt aka Terence Lee Wyatt to El Nucleus Bey El Nucleus Bey Terry Lee Wyatt
View permit details. 2019NCH1720 Change of Name of Waltraud Maria Incorvaia aka Margaret Maria Incorvaia to Margaret Maria Incorvaia Margaret Maria Incorvaia Waltraud Maria Incorvaia aka Margaret Maria Incorvaia
View permit details. 2019NCH1701 Thomas Edward Murphy Thomas E Murphy
View permit details. 2019NCH1715 Cathy Rischelle Lucas Cathy Rischelle Lucas-McDonald
View permit details. 2019NCH1697 Change of Name of Joshua Mark Brenneman to Joshua Mark Brenwell. Joshua Mark Brenwell Joshua Mark Brenneman