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Name Change Legal Notice - Index Page

Name Change Legal Notice - Index Page listings
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  Case # Regarding Changed Name Contact Org Contact Person
  Case # Regarding Changed Name Contact Org Contact Person
74 Pages < First | Previous | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | | Last >
View permit details. 2019NCH2110 Change of Name of Ali Hussain Al-Hatemy to Alaa Tawfeeq Alamiri Alaa Tawfeeq Alamiri Timothy W Longacre, Attorney
View permit details. 2019NCH2313 Change of Name of Margaret Elyse Roberts to Margaret Elyse Eber Margaret Elyse Eber Margaret Elyse Roberts
View permit details. 2019NCH2277 Change of Name of Jordan John Carroll to Jordan John Salinas Jordan John Salinas Kimberly A Salinas
View permit details. 2019NCH2111 Change of Name of Retaala T Hsun to Retaala Tawfeeq Alamiri Retaala Tawfeeq Alamiri Timothy W Longacre, Attorney
View permit details. 2019NCH2204 Change of Name of Shawnte Latrice Andrews aka Shawnte Latrice Williams to Shawnte Latrice Andrews Shawnte Latrice Andrews Shawnte Latrice Andrews
View permit details. 2019NCH2219 Change of Name of James Patrick Gillig aka Patrick James Gillig to Patrick James Gillig Patrick James Gillig Patrick J Gillig
View permit details. 2019NCH2308 Change of Name of Sajah Khader Mustafa to Saja Khader Mustafa Ali Saja Khader Mustafa Ali Sajah Khader Mustafa
View permit details. 2019NCH2166 Change of Name of Stephen Orlando Patridge to Stephanie Orlean Patridge Stephanie Orlean Patridge Stephen Patridge
View permit details. 2019NCH2194 Samantha Michele Gale aka Samantha Michele Ledford to Samantha Minerva Gale Samantha Minerva Gale Charlon K Dewberry
View permit details. 2019NCH2239 Change of Name of Christine Elizibeth Toth aka Christine Elizabeth Toth aka Christine Mary Toth aka Christine Mary Super to Christine Mary Super Christine Mary Super Christine M Super
View permit details. 2019NCH2244 Change of Name of Laurie Ann Wuerfel to Laurie Ann Heinze Laurie Ann Heinze Laurie A Wuerfel
View permit details. 2019NCH2216 Change of Name of René Gabrielle McGovern aka René Gabrielle Beauregard to René Gabrielle Beauregard René Gabrielle Beauregard René McGovern
View permit details. 2019NCH2222 Change of Name of Frances Marie Friedman aka Fran Marie Friedman to Fran Marie Friedman Fran Marie Friedman Nicholas W Hetzer, Attorney
View permit details. 2019NCH1857 Change of Name of Kamon Labryce Daniel-Stevenson to Kamon Labryce Stevenson Kamon Labryce Stevenson Kayla Stevenson
View permit details. 2019NCH2136 Change of Name of Josiah Szeven Ray Gill to Josiah Ray Gill Josiah Ray Gill Bonnie R Gill
View permit details. 2019NCH2212 Change of Name of Chase Elvis Griggers to Chase Elvis Olejownik Chase Elvis Olejownik Chase Griggers
View permit details. 2019NCH2097 Change of Name of Samuel Edward Nessif to Samantha Lilly Nessif Samantha Lilly Nessif Samuel Nessif
View permit details. 2019NCH2115 Change of Name of Yara Elizabeth Tovar Marmolejo aka Yara Elizabeth Tovar to Yara Elizabeth Tovar Yara Elizabeth Tovar Yara Elizabeth Tovar Marmolejo
View permit details. 2019NCH2146 Change of Name of Dawn Michele Taylor to Dawn Michele Duhaime Dawn Michele Duhaime Dawn Michele Taylor
View permit details. 2019NCH2147 Change of Name of Cody Michael Vanderhorst to Cody Michael Campbell Cody Michael Campbell Cody Michael Vanderhorst
View permit details. 2019NCH2081 Jason Robert Goss Jason R Goss
View permit details. 2019NCH2068 Ronald Allen Yoder Ronald Allen Yoder
View permit details. 2019NCH2112 Change of Name of Geneva Sahadi aka Genevieve Mary Brack to Genevieve Mary Brack Genevieve Mary Brack Genevieve M Brack
View permit details. 2019NCH2113 Change of Name of Bryce William Haszard Rough aka William Haszard Rough to William Haszard Rough William Haszard Rough Susan Hartman Muska
View permit details. 2019NCH2114 Change of Name of John Victor Brown aka John Victor Flores to John Victor Flores John Victor Flores John Victor Brown aka John Victor Flores
View permit details. 2019NCH2121 Change of Name of Danielle Lavern Carpenter aka Danielle Lavern Wright aka Danielle Lavern Turner to Danielle Lavern Wright Danielle Lavern Wright Danielle Turner
View permit details. 2019NCH2133 Nicole Marie Arnold to Nicole Marie Bohmer Nicole Marie Bohmer Nicole M Arnold
View permit details. 2019NCH2027 Change of Name of Rebekah Ruth Clinger to Reynaldo Rufaro Boff-Clinger Reynaldo Rufaro Boff-Clinger Rebekah Ruth Clinger
View permit details. 2019NCH1982 Change of Name of Amy Lynn Aldaco to Amy Lynn Garcia Amy Lynn Garcia Amy Aldaco
View permit details. 2019NCH2009 Change of Name of Jonathon Dov Singer to Kendal Dov Singer Kendal Dov Singer Jonathon Dov Singer
View permit details. 2019NCH2056 Ricardo Felipe Duran to Felipe Issachar Israel Felipe Issachar Israel Ricardo F Duran
View permit details. 2019NCH2003 Change of Name of Mary Anne Johnson to Mary Anne Joseph Nanney Mary Anne Joseph Nanney Jennifer J Antonini, Attorney
View permit details. 2019NCH2001 Change of Name of Gavin Alexander Pitt Jr to Gavin A Pitt Gavin A Pitt Gavin Alexander Pitt Jr
View permit details. 2019NCH1938 Change of Name of Zuriah Rose Lampkin Gaines to Zuriah Rose Lampkin Zuriah Rose Lampkin La’Deanna Lampkin
View permit details. 2019NCH1989 Change of Name of Kenny R Chan to Kitti Isranuchip Kitti Isranuchip Kenny R Chan
View permit details. 2019NCH1946 Change of Name of Mengle Julius Sanders Jr aka Mangle Julius Sanders Jr to Mangle Julius Sanders Jr. Mangle Julius Sanders Jr Mangle Sanders
View permit details. 2019NCH1966 Change of Name of Cynthia Marie Iorio to Cynthia Marie Frazier Cynthia Marie Frazier Jill M Varnes-Richardson
View permit details. 2019NCH2002 Change of Name of Franklin Alexander Willie aka Yusuf Sadiq Rahim to Yusuf Sadiq Rahim Yusuf Sadiq Rahim Franklin Alexander Willie aka Yusuf Sadiq Rahim
View permit details. 2019NCH1948 Spencer Gregory Norman Murphy Spencer G Kessen
View permit details. 2019NCH1902 Larry Schaupp Lawrence Andrew Schaupp Jr