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Notice Content: NOTICE OF
The State of Ohio, Lucas County, ss:
Whereas Accounts & Vouchers have been filed in the office of said Court of the Administrators of the Estates and/or the Executors of the Will of the following deceased persons, to-wit:
2009EST0966 Edmund S Gwozdz
2012EST1847 Eva R Rodriguez
2015EST1554 Carolyn M Scheid
2018EST0050 Elisabeth Anna Denk
2018EST1697 Joseph W Kiss Jr
2019EST0680 Jayne F Sims
2019EST0839 James S Olejownik
2019EST1075 Pauline Ruth Yockey
2019EST1339 Charles J Mira
2019EST1344 Michael T Beier
2019EST2233 Richard W Bachmayer Sr
2019EST2589 Henry Smith
2020EST0076 Shirley J VanderHorst
2020EST0555 Stephen J Scarbrough
2020EST0671 Sherman Z Goldstein
And by the Guardians of
2012GDM2752 Charlie Toyer
2014GDM1899 Emily Buck
2015GDM0858 Stephen Kilpatrick
24524 Walter E Ellis
And by the Trustees of
2019TST1495 Michael T Beier
Notice is therefore hereby given, that said accounts & vouchers are now on file in the office of said court, being suspended for confirmation. Any person interested in said accounts or any items thereof, may file written exceptions thereto at least five days before the 2nd day of September, 2020, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, when the same will be heard and disposed of.
Probate Judge
08-04-2020 1Tue

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