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Notice Content: LEGAL NOTICE
Misty Wood, Attorney
In the Toledo Municipal Court of Lucas County, Ohio, Case No. CVF1905834.
Marie Urbina-Riedel, Plaintiff
Wayne L Williamson, Defendant
Wayne L Williamson, whose last known address was 6025 W Bancroft, Toledo, OH 43615, but whose present address is unknown to Plaintiff and cannot with reasonable diligence be ascertained, will take notice that on March 26, 2019, Marie Urbina-Riedel, Plaintiff, filed a Complaint in the Toledo Municipal Court, where the same is now pending in Case No. CVF1905834, and thereby commenced a civil action against him for civil breach of contract and fraud to cover $8,000.00 plus interest at 5%.
The Defendant(s) named above are required to answer on or before the 13th day of December, 2019.
Marie Urbina-Riedel, Plaintiff
Misty Wood, Attorney for Plaintiff
10-11, 10-18, 10-25, 11-01, 11-08, 11-15-2019 6Fri

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