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Notice Content: LEGAL NOTICE
Margaret M Weisenburger, Attorney
In the Common Pleas Court of Lucas County, Ohio, Probate Division, Case No. 2019EST0621.
In the Matter of the Estate of Lynette Sue Kessler, Deceased
TO: George Kessler, Helen (Thiesen) Kessler, Charles Kessler, Cora (Laver) Kessler, Glenn Kessler, Ruth Spiess, Rollen Kessler, Aubrey Kessler, Eldon Kessler, Delmer Kessler, Leslie F. Kessler, John L. Thiesen, Della (Starkey) Thiesen, John Thiesen, Orilla Allen, Thomas Allen, Sari Allen, Dorothea June Bender, John Bender, Raymond Bender, Dolores Bigelow, David Bigelow, Fred Thiesen, Margaret Dickie, Dollie Bellner, Dorothy Daley, Bertha Speta, Esther Eddy, C. Mac Eddy, Robert Eddy, Carol Heidt, Cecelia Keller, George Keller, Joyce Ernsthausen, Gretchen Schwan, Arthur Schwan, Jr., Arlene Decant, Mary Winnich, and the Unknown Next of Kin, Heirs, Devisees, Legatees, Executors, Administrators, Estate Personal Representatives and the Unknown Guardians of Minor and/or Incompetent Heirs (and their Assigns) of the above named individuals, and of Lynette Sue Kessler, deceased.
You are hereby notified that Jason Fletcher of Eggleston Meinert & Pavley Funeral Homes has filed an application in this Court, asking to be appointed to administer decedent’s estate. The hearing on this applicaton will be held September 18, 2019 at 9:30 a.m. at the Lucas County Probate Court. The Court is located on the 2nd floor of the Lucas County Courthouse, 700 Adams, Toledo, Ohio 43604.
You are one of the persons entitled to administer decedent’s estate, and if you wish to be considered for appointment to do so you must apply to this Court. If you do not apply it will be considered that you renounce your right to administer the estate. The Court may appoint any suitable and competentj person to administer the estate, giving due weight to relative priority of right to do so. Even if you decline appointment yourself, if you know of any reason why the above applicant is not suitable or competent, you should appear and inform the Court.
Probate Judge
08-27, 09-03, 09-10-2019 3Tue

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