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Notice Content: LEGAL NOTICE
Channing L. Ulbrich, Attorney
In the Court of Common Pleas of Lucas County, Ohio, Case No. CI0200702508
BankUnited, FSB c/o BankUnited, Plaintiff
Robert L. White, et al., Defendants
Robert L. White and Pina M. White, whose last known address is 5401 Fortune Drive, Toledo, Ohio 43611, and the Unknown heirs, devisees, legatees, executors, administrators, spouses and assigns and the unknown guardians of minor and/or incompetent heirs of Robert L. White and Pina M. White, all of whose residences are unknown and cannot by reasonable diligence be ascertained, will take notice that on the 15th day of March, 2007, BankUnited, FSB filed its Complaint in the Common Pleas Court of Lucas County, Ohio in Case No. CI0200702508, on the docket of the Court, and the object and demand for relief of which pleading is to foreclose the lien of plaintiff's mortgage recorded upon the following described real estate, to wit:
Property address is: 5401 Fortune Drive, Toledo, OH 43611 and being more particularly described in plaintiff's mortgage recorded in Mortgage Book Instrument No. 20060804-0051813, of the Lucas County Recorder's Office.
You are required to answer the Complaint within twenty-eight days after last publication, which shall be published once a week for six consecutive weeks, with the last publication to be made on the 24th day of May, 2007.
In case of your failure to answer or otherwise respond as permitted by the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure within the time stated, judgment by default will be rendered against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint.
Lerner, Sampson & Rothfuss
Attorneys for Plaintiff
P.O. Box 5480
Cincinnati, OH 45201-5480
Tel: (513) 241-3100
Bernie Quilter,
Clerk of Courts
4-19 5-24-2007 6 Thurs

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