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Divorce Legal Notices - Index Page

Divorce Legal Notices - Index Page listings
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  Case # Plaintiff Defendant Last Known Address Respond By
  Case # Plaintiff Defendant Last Known Address Respond By
5 Pages < First | | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | | Last >
View permit details. DR2017-0787 Leon Clinton Cade, Plaintiff Annette Brown Cade Unknown  
View permit details. DR2012-0091 Gino Kwiatkowski Destiny Boos Unknown  
View permit details. DR2010-0076 JaQuan Coleman Janel Royster, et al PO Box 490188, Atlanta, GA 30349 and 4051 Seven Oaks Lane, East  
View permit details. DR2014-0180 Saturnino Mata-Galicia Maria Leticia Sepulveda Peralta place of residence was Ciudad Guzman Jalisco, Mexico, but whose  
View permit details. DR20190103 Datrice L Hopson Albert G Evans  
View permit details. DR20200227 Cary G. Houck, Plaintiff Sara Jan Bowlus Unknown  
View permit details. DR2015-0434 Ronald L Roberts Ora W Roberts 3060 Hardale Blvd #3, Ottawa Hills, Ohio 43606  
View permit details. DR2015-0653 Gregory Machnicki Aleasa R Bailey-Machnicki 10455 West Bancroft Street, Toledo, Ohio 43615  
View permit details. DR2015-0285 Saowanee Poopat Chrungcharle Leodhuwaphan 4437 N McCord Road, Sylvania, OH 43560  
View permit details. DR2016-0220 Michael Johnson Karla Johnson 821 W Woodruff Ave, Toledo, OH 43620  
View permit details. CI0200806400 Wells Fargo Bank The Unknown Successor Trustees of the Chestene Rokicki Revocable Living Trust Unknown Dec 2, 1969
View permit details. 2008EST1089 Dec 31, 1969
View permit details. DR2007-0978 Lisa Craig James Craig 6408 Glenhurst, #4, Maumee, Ohio 43537 Dec 31, 1969
View permit details. DR2003-1224 Samuel C. Moccabbe Jr Victoria Hickman 747 Boalt Street, Toledo, OH 43609 Dec 31, 1969
View permit details. DR2006-0571 Singphet Iddhivanda Sompop Iddhivanda 97 Moo5 Chiangmai-Lampang Rd., Wiengyong Moung Lamphun 5/00 Jan 18, 2007
View permit details. DR2006-0867 Laura A. Hannah Stephen M. Hannah 54 East Lake Street, Toledo, Ohio 43608 Mar 9, 2007
View permit details. DR2006-0256 Gwendolyn Elaine Cargile Michael Renee Cargile Apr 27, 2007
View permit details. DR2006-1382 Beth Anne DeFigueiredo Harvey Edwin Dale Dusseau 3046 123rd Street, Toledo, Ohio 43611 Jun 5, 2007
View permit details. 54942 James E. Andres Jennifer A. Andres Jun 6, 2007
View permit details. DR2006-1414 Thomas P. Anderson Suzanne M. Anderson 5729 Comet Street, Toledo, Ohio 43623 Jul 13, 2007
View permit details. DR2007-0317 Leoma D. Harris Patrick T. Davis 1844 Fielding, Toledo, Ohio 43615 Jul 19, 2007
View permit details. DR2007-0492 Kedeau Boucher Magdaline Boucher unknown Jul 31, 2007
View permit details. DR2007-0554 Jeffrey Kutnyak Michele Kutnyak unknown Aug 9, 2007
View permit details. DR2007-0440 Gina B. Hayden-Urdiales Arturo Benny Urdiales 113 Randolph St. R.R. 1, Holgate, Ohio 43527 Aug 21, 2007
View permit details. DR2007-0594 Steven D. Carson Chasity Lynn Carson 3510 North Ninth Street, Carter Lake, Iowa 51520 Aug 21, 2007
View permit details. DR2007-0605 Andrew G. Roderick Katherine Stambaugh 2643 Broadway Toledo, Ohio 43609 Aug 29, 2007
View permit details. DR2007-0625 Nichole Jammazi Mahdi Jammazi 239444 185 E. Michigan Ave. Battle Creek MI 49014 Oct 25, 2007
View permit details. DR2007-0798 David K. Branstutter Barbara J. Branstutter 1731 Winston Blvd, Toledo, Ohio 43609 Oct 29, 2007
View permit details. DR1998-0265 Ray J. Pratt, Petitioner Kimberly Pratt 430 East Erie Road, Temperance MI 48182, Nov 23, 2007
View permit details. DR2007-0368 Don Williams Daniels Elaine Daniels PO Box 82, Columleia, KY 42728, Jan 30, 2008
View permit details. DM2004-5171 Heath A. Garlick Crystal L. Garlick 2663 Tremainsville Rd., Apt. 301, Toledo, Ohio 43613 Feb 26, 2008
View permit details. DR2007-1232 Paul D. Anderson, Sr. Melissa Anderson 3237 Waldmar Road, Toledo, Ohio 43615 Mar 4, 2008
View permit details. DR2007-1039 David Smith Joyce E. Tavernier 3985 Jousting Arch, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456 Mar 12, 2008
View permit details. DR2008-0016 Fadi C. Eld,\ Kim L. Minato 5966 Walnut Circle, Apt. F, Toledo, Ohio 43615, Apr 28, 2008
View permit details. DR2008-0198 Maryellen Barron Donald Andrew Barron 3423 S. Barstow Drive, Toledo, Ohio 43623, Jun 27, 2008
View permit details. DR2008-0317 Sharon Alvarez Dennis Alvarez Sr 1515 E. Broadway, Toledo, Ohio 43605, Jun 27, 2008
View permit details. DR2007-1028 Debora L. Segur Ricky Albert Segur 724 Johnson, Toledo, Ohio 43607 Jul 8, 2008
View permit details. DR2007-1337 Pamsie Alhadji Nasiru Uba Alhadji 7555 Red Pines, Sylvania, Ohio 43560 Jul 22, 2008
View permit details. DR2008-0527 Christopher D. Ross Shoni P. Ross 3206 Brigham, Toledo, Ohio 43608 Jul 30, 2008
View permit details. DR2008-0489 Meng Yu Tsai Wajdi M. Busbait 9782 Bishopswood Lane #4, Perrysburg, Ohio 43551 Aug 5, 2008