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Divorce Legal Notices - Index Page

Divorce Legal Notices - Index Page listings
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  Case # Plaintiff Defendant Last Known Address Respond By
  Case # Plaintiff Defendant Last Known Address Respond By
5 Pages < First | Previous | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | | Last >
View permit details. 2008EST1089 Dec 31, 1969
View permit details. DR2016-0585 Randa Ballout Abdul Ballout 5134 Fairgreen Drive, Toledo, OH 43613  
View permit details. DR2012-1188 Fayze H. Itawi, Pro se Adel H. Itawi Kansoh and Shaheen Bldg, 5th Floor, Haret Hreik, Beirut, Lebanon  
View permit details. DR2016-0755 Nagib Jemaa Afaf Mahmoud 246 Brooke Drive, Oregon, OH 43616  
View permit details. DR2015-0602 Sowsan El Smaili Alaa El Smaili 2802 Seaman Road, Oregon, Ohio 43616  
View permit details. DR20190103 Datrice L Hopson Albert G Evans  
View permit details. DR2015-0653 Gregory Machnicki Aleasa R Bailey-Machnicki 10455 West Bancroft Street, Toledo, Ohio 43615  
View permit details. DR2008-0349 Noha Dawod, Amer Emarah Sep 3, 2008
View permit details. DR20200054 Hor I Akl Amera A Jospeh Unknown  
View permit details. DR2009-0120 Billy T. Holman Jr. Amy Holman Toledo Ohio Jun 17, 2009
View permit details. DR2014-0796 Antonio Ramos Ana Ramos unknown  
View permit details. DR2011-1073 Erin Santiago Angel Santiago  
View permit details. DR2015-0387 Mose Hairston Anna Jean Williams 15762 Ryon Ave, Bellflower, CA 90706  
View permit details. DR2017-0787 Leon Clinton Cade, Plaintiff Annette Brown Cade Unknown  
View permit details. DR2011-0520 Eboh Igwebuike Appolonia Igwebuike 6209 Wexford Court, Maumee, OH 43537 Aug 3, 2011
View permit details. DR2010-1107 Terrie L. Schropp-Handoum Armando Handoum 2302 Broadway, Toledo, Ohio 43609 Jan 19, 2011
View permit details. DR2007-0440 Gina B. Hayden-Urdiales Arturo Benny Urdiales 113 Randolph St. R.R. 1, Holgate, Ohio 43527 Aug 21, 2007
View permit details. DR2009-1005 William C. Wills II Ashley Wills 3645 Watson Avenue, Toledo, Ohio 43612 Feb 4, 2010
View permit details. DR2007-0798 David K. Branstutter Barbara J. Branstutter 1731 Winston Blvd, Toledo, Ohio 43609 Oct 29, 2007
View permit details. DR2013-1128 Beryl Gay Bridges Barry L. Green 10221 Ruban Ave, Stockton, CA 95219  
View permit details. DR2016-0175 Teresa Grady, Brandon Grady  
View permit details. DR2018-0530 Cyril J Keiffer-Mejia, Plaintiff Carlos Alberto Mejia Unknown  
View permit details. DR2008-0545 Jihad Semaan Carmen Rahal Najib Rahal Property, Behind Jamra Plaza, Karak, Zahle, Bekaa, L Aug 7, 2008
View permit details. DR2007-0594 Steven D. Carson Chasity Lynn Carson 3510 North Ninth Street, Carter Lake, Iowa 51520 Aug 21, 2007
View permit details. DR2010-0604 Kenneth Penn Christine M. Penn 3515 Limerick Road, Clyde, Ohio 43410 Nov 23, 2010
View permit details. DR2009-0649 Loretta L. Hughes Christopher J. Hughes 550 Otis Circle, Hopkinsville, KY 42240 Oct 19, 2009
View permit details. DR2010-0459 Melissa R. Morran Christopher W. Morran c/o Jean Morran 7205 Linger Lodge Road, Bradenton, Florida 34202 Jan 4, 2011
View permit details. DR2015-0285 Saowanee Poopat Chrungcharle Leodhuwaphan 4437 N McCord Road, Sylvania, OH 43560  
View permit details. DR2017-0285 Thomas Himmelright Chrystal Himmelright 405 57th Avenue, Apt B, Bradenton, FL 34205  
View permit details. DM2004-5171 Heath A. Garlick Crystal L. Garlick 2663 Tremainsville Rd., Apt. 301, Toledo, Ohio 43613 Feb 26, 2008
View permit details. Samer A. Abuasfour Cynthia Abuasfour 626 South Street, Toledo, Ohio 43609 Nov 4, 2009
View permit details. DR2011-0822 Ernest Wright Daisy Sato 2544 Key Street, Apt. 7, Toledo, Ohio 43614 Nov 25, 2011
View permit details. DR2008-1271 Jermaine G. McCallum Danielle Grant P.O. Box 3575, Ada, Ohio 45810 Apr 20, 2009
View permit details. DR2011-0204 Terrence L. Sisson Darricka Lottery 3027 Glencairn, Toledo, Ohio 43614 Aug 11, 2011
View permit details. DR2016-0779 Matthew H Ahern Dawn Dazley Ahern cannot with reasonable diligence be ascertained  
View permit details. DR2011-0444 Frances E. Webb-Smith Delmar Smith Sep 12, 2011
View permit details. DR2008-0317 Sharon Alvarez Dennis Alvarez Sr 1515 E. Broadway, Toledo, Ohio 43605, Jun 27, 2008
View permit details. DR20190108 Susan M Kalnas Dennis S Kalnas 4979 W Dauber Drive, Toledo, OH 43615  
View permit details. DR2012-0091 Gino Kwiatkowski Destiny Boos Unknown  
View permit details. DR2018-0713 Justin Sulzer Destiny Sulzer Unknown