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Divorce Legal Notices - Index Page

Divorce Legal Notices - Index Page listings
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  Case # Plaintiff Defendant Last Known Address Respond By
  Case # Plaintiff Defendant Last Known Address Respond By
5 Pages < First | | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | | Last >
View permit details. DR2015-0387 Mose Hairston Anna Jean Williams 15762 Ryon Ave, Bellflower, CA 90706  
View permit details. DR2010-0203 Karen Turner Elworth Turner 17 Bloomfield, Toledo, Ohio 43607 May 11, 2010
View permit details. DR2007-0798 David K. Branstutter Barbara J. Branstutter 1731 Winston Blvd, Toledo, Ohio 43609 Oct 29, 2007
View permit details. DR2008-0120 Larry J. Wheeler Melissa Corcoran-Wheeler 1828 Sophie Wright Place, New Orleans, LA 70130 Oct 27, 2008
View permit details. DR2007-0317 Leoma D. Harris Patrick T. Davis 1844 Fielding, Toledo, Ohio 43615 Jul 19, 2007
View permit details. DR2007-0625 Nichole Jammazi Mahdi Jammazi 239444 185 E. Michigan Ave. Battle Creek MI 49014 Oct 25, 2007
View permit details. DR2011-0142 Nahed R. Ghobrial Emad W. Botros 1901 Woodruff Road #224, Greenville, SC 29607 May 20, 2011
View permit details. 2016DR0236 Franklin T Maggard Jr MaryGrace Bernardez Maggard 1916 Kelsey Ave, Toledo, OH 43605  
View permit details. DR2012-0354 Gwendolyn K. Oshodin Osaigbovo I. Oshodin 1920 Mt. Vernon Ave., Toledo, Ohio 43607  
View permit details. DR2010-0510 Elissa A. Cary Koichi Kawamura 2-14 Gohong, Meguro-Ku Tokyo Japan Jul 29, 2010
View permit details. DR2019-0392 Jeramie Baker Karen Baker 20 Hilton Drive, Columbia, South Carolina 29229  
View permit details. DR2013-0985 Kathleen Sloan Zachary Sloan 2021 Marlow Rd, Toledo, Ohio 43613  
View permit details. DR2019-0527 Barbara Lee Joey Lee 2040 Parkwood, Toledo, Ohio 43620  
View permit details. DR2011-0273 Cyrus Channy Chan Hooi Loon Por 217 Stetson Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45219  
View permit details. DR2009-0197 Gwendolyn R. Williams Rondy Williams 2247 Brothan Drive, Toledo, Ohio 43614 Jul 23, 2009
View permit details. DR2011-0856 Beverly Kay Sands Raymond Gary Sands 22493 West River Road, #22, Grand Rapids, Ohio  
View permit details. DR2010-1107 Terrie L. Schropp-Handoum Armando Handoum 2302 Broadway, Toledo, Ohio 43609 Jan 19, 2011
View permit details. DR2009-1008 Merwin Siu Fiona E. Lewis 23306 115th Place SE, Kent WA 98103 Apr 13, 2010
View permit details. DR2016-0755 Nagib Jemaa Afaf Mahmoud 246 Brooke Drive, Oregon, OH 43616  
View permit details. DR2012-0847 Tracee Perryman Markus Stewart 2642 Christie Apt. E, Toledo, Ohio 43606  
View permit details. DR2007-0605 Andrew G. Roderick Katherine Stambaugh 2643 Broadway Toledo, Ohio 43609 Aug 29, 2007
View permit details. DR2015-0166 Marchiel D West 2801 Lawrence Ave, Toledo, OH 43610  
View permit details. DR2015-0602 Sowsan El Smaili Alaa El Smaili 2802 Seaman Road, Oregon, Ohio 43616  
View permit details. DR2013-0975 Annette L. Bedford James C. Bedford 2831 Summit Street, Toledo, OH 43611  
View permit details. DR2011-0204 Terrence L. Sisson Darricka Lottery 3027 Glencairn, Toledo, Ohio 43614 Aug 11, 2011
View permit details. DR2006-1382 Beth Anne DeFigueiredo Harvey Edwin Dale Dusseau 3046 123rd Street, Toledo, Ohio 43611 Jun 5, 2007
View permit details. DR2015-0434 Ronald L Roberts Ora W Roberts 3060 Hardale Blvd #3, Ottawa Hills, Ohio 43606  
View permit details. DR2008-0527 Christopher D. Ross Shoni P. Ross 3206 Brigham, Toledo, Ohio 43608 Jul 30, 2008
View permit details. DR2007-1232 Paul D. Anderson, Sr. Melissa Anderson 3237 Waldmar Road, Toledo, Ohio 43615 Mar 4, 2008
View permit details. DR2008-0198 Maryellen Barron Donald Andrew Barron 3423 S. Barstow Drive, Toledo, Ohio 43623, Jun 27, 2008
View permit details. DR2012-0365 Gene T. Danov, Pro Se Nadiya Beheyma 35 Surrey Ln, Apt #D, Wappingers Fall, NY 12590  
View permit details. DR2007-0594 Steven D. Carson Chasity Lynn Carson 3510 North Ninth Street, Carter Lake, Iowa 51520 Aug 21, 2007
View permit details. DR2010-0604 Kenneth Penn Christine M. Penn 3515 Limerick Road, Clyde, Ohio 43410 Nov 23, 2010
View permit details. DR2017-0841 Mohammed Hussain Al Yousef, Plaintiff Kelsey Ranee Schuett 357 Parkway Dr, Perrysburg, OH 43551  
View permit details. DR2009-1005 William C. Wills II Ashley Wills 3645 Watson Avenue, Toledo, Ohio 43612 Feb 4, 2010
View permit details. DR2007-1039 David Smith Joyce E. Tavernier 3985 Jousting Arch, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456 Mar 12, 2008
View permit details. DR2017-0285 Thomas Himmelright Chrystal Himmelright 405 57th Avenue, Apt B, Bradenton, FL 34205  
View permit details. DR1998-0265 Ray J. Pratt, Petitioner Kimberly Pratt 430 East Erie Road, Temperance MI 48182, Nov 23, 2007
View permit details. DR2015-0285 Saowanee Poopat Chrungcharle Leodhuwaphan 4437 N McCord Road, Sylvania, OH 43560  
View permit details. DR2009-0944 Victoria A. Spain Joseph Wayne Hill Jr. 4725 Carolina Ave. Toledo, Ohio Feb 24, 2010