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Divorce Legal Notices - Index Page

Divorce Legal Notices - Index Page listings
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  Case # Plaintiff Defendant Last Known Address Respond By
  Case # Plaintiff Defendant Last Known Address Respond By
5 Pages < First | | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | | Last >
View permit details. DR2008-0489 Meng Yu Tsai Wajdi M. Busbait 9782 Bishopswood Lane #4, Perrysburg, Ohio 43551 Aug 5, 2008
View permit details. DR2008-0527 Christopher D. Ross Shoni P. Ross 3206 Brigham, Toledo, Ohio 43608 Jul 30, 2008
View permit details. DR2008-0545 Jihad Semaan Carmen Rahal Najib Rahal Property, Behind Jamra Plaza, Karak, Zahle, Bekaa, L Aug 7, 2008
View permit details. DR2008-0558 Ellis Cleo Jordan Margrett Brown RR1 Box 540 Drew Mississippi 38737-9801 Sep 2, 2008
View permit details. DR2008-0887 Bradford J. Swan Patricia A. Swan Unknown Jul 30, 2009
View permit details. DR2008-1149 Mashhad Al-Allaf Majeda Mohammad United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, The Petroleum Institute, Engine Jul 9, 2009
View permit details. DR2008-1271 Jermaine G. McCallum Danielle Grant P.O. Box 3575, Ada, Ohio 45810 Apr 20, 2009
View permit details. DR20080225 Scott A Dietrich Regan Dietrich, et al  
View permit details. DR2009-0120 Billy T. Holman Jr. Amy Holman Toledo Ohio Jun 17, 2009
View permit details. DR2009-0197 Gwendolyn R. Williams Rondy Williams 2247 Brothan Drive, Toledo, Ohio 43614 Jul 23, 2009
View permit details. DR2009-0262 Tonya M. Brown M'Boya K. Stewart unknown and cannot with reasonable diligence be ascertained May 28, 2009
View permit details. DR2009-0298 Kevin L. Carter Jaime Carter 1410 Luscombe Dr., Toledo, Ohio 43614 Jun 2, 2009
View permit details. DR2009-0472 Vanessa Davis Robert Charles Goldman Jr. 14853 Quincy, Detroit MI 48238 Jul 30, 2009
View permit details. DR2009-0496 Jean C. Meyer Rajendra Temaul 4961 San Joaquin, Toledo, Ohio 43615 Jul 24, 2009
View permit details. DR2009-0537 Larry Hicks Mary A. Hicks Nesslewood, Toledo, Ohio Aug 12, 2009
View permit details. DR2009-0649 Loretta L. Hughes Christopher J. Hughes 550 Otis Circle, Hopkinsville, KY 42240 Oct 19, 2009
View permit details. DR2009-0727 Nathaniel Hopkins, 8019 Eagle Creek Ct., Sylvania, Ohio 43560 Mar 31, 2011
View permit details. DR2009-0944 Victoria A. Spain Joseph Wayne Hill Jr. 4725 Carolina Ave. Toledo, Ohio Feb 24, 2010
View permit details. DR2009-1005 William C. Wills II Ashley Wills 3645 Watson Avenue, Toledo, Ohio 43612 Feb 4, 2010
View permit details. DR2009-1008 Merwin Siu Fiona E. Lewis 23306 115th Place SE, Kent WA 98103 Apr 13, 2010
View permit details. DR2009-1190 Rosa E. Centeno Luis A. Centeno-Diaz Andador Rio Balsas #33 Colonia Via 1, Silano GTO CP36126 Jul 14, 2010
View permit details. DR2009-1231 Arturo R. Sanchez Sr. Frances N. Sanchez 7348 W. Cheryl Drive, Peoria, AZ 85345 Mar 31, 2010
View permit details. DR2010-0076 JaQuan Coleman Janel Royster, et al PO Box 490188, Atlanta, GA 30349 and 4051 Seven Oaks Lane, East  
View permit details. DR2010-0169 Robert M. Slee Mary Louise Slee 1011 South Rose Circle, Mesa, AZ 85204 May 11, 2010
View permit details. DR2010-0203 Karen Turner Elworth Turner 17 Bloomfield, Toledo, Ohio 43607 May 11, 2010
View permit details. DR2010-0318 Petra Perez Salvador Perez 614 Oswald, Toledo, OH 43605 Jun 11, 2010
View permit details. DR2010-0360 Jeanne M. Elghaiaty Khaled Elghaiaty aka Hassan Hussein Unknown Jun 28, 2010
View permit details. DR2010-0360 Jeanne M. Elghaiaty Khaled Elghaiaty aka Hassan Hussein Unknown Jun 28, 2010
View permit details. DR2010-0408 Debra L. Williams Richard T. Neill Unknown Jun 25, 2010
View permit details. DR2010-0426 Margot White Jermaine White 5637 Hazeotine, Van Nuys, CA 91401 Aug 18, 2010
View permit details. DR2010-0459 Melissa R. Morran Christopher W. Morran c/o Jean Morran 7205 Linger Lodge Road, Bradenton, Florida 34202 Jan 4, 2011
View permit details. DR2010-0510 Elissa A. Cary Koichi Kawamura 2-14 Gohong, Meguro-Ku Tokyo Japan Jul 29, 2010
View permit details. DR2010-0604 Kenneth Penn Christine M. Penn 3515 Limerick Road, Clyde, Ohio 43410 Nov 23, 2010
View permit details. DR2010-0653 Shari F. Soncrant Shawn L. Soncrant P.O. Box 104, Collins Point, Maryland 20626-0104 Oct 18, 2010
View permit details. DR2010-1107 Terrie L. Schropp-Handoum Armando Handoum 2302 Broadway, Toledo, Ohio 43609 Jan 19, 2011
View permit details. DR2011-0142 Nahed R. Ghobrial Emad W. Botros 1901 Woodruff Road #224, Greenville, SC 29607 May 20, 2011
View permit details. DR2011-0183 Daniel M. Fleming Stephanie N. Fleming aka Evans 4813 Bighorn Street, Orlando, FL 32819 May 20, 2011
View permit details. DR2011-0198 Kim Leon Chatterson Heidi Slaydon May 25, 2011
View permit details. DR2011-0204 Terrence L. Sisson Darricka Lottery 3027 Glencairn, Toledo, Ohio 43614 Aug 11, 2011
View permit details. DR2011-0273 Cyrus Channy Chan Hooi Loon Por 217 Stetson Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45219