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Divorce Legal Notices - Index Page

Divorce Legal Notices - Index Page listings
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  Case # Plaintiff Defendant Last Known Address Respond By
  Case # Plaintiff Defendant Last Known Address Respond By
5 Pages < First | | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | | Last >
View permit details. DR2015-0602 Sowsan El Smaili Alaa El Smaili 2802 Seaman Road, Oregon, Ohio 43616  
View permit details. DR2017-0364 Fatuma Barquadle Muhudin Eyow  
View permit details. DR2014-0796 Antonio Ramos Ana Ramos unknown  
View permit details. DR2016-0175 Teresa Grady, Brandon Grady  
View permit details. DR2011-0885 Maria E. Jimenez Rene Rubaclava 833 Vinton Street, Toledo, Ohio Nov 15, 2011
View permit details. DR2015-1123 Jodi K Arnold Mihai G Barbu 5607 Ryewyck, Toledo, Ohio 43614  
View permit details. DR2011-0273 Cyrus Channy Chan Hooi Loon Por 217 Stetson Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45219  
View permit details. DR2011-1172 George Williams Marilyn Williams 6210 Elizabeth, Chicago, IL  
View permit details. DR2011-0520 Eboh Igwebuike Appolonia Igwebuike 6209 Wexford Court, Maumee, OH 43537 Aug 3, 2011
View permit details. DR2013-0975 Annette L. Bedford James C. Bedford 2831 Summit Street, Toledo, OH 43611  
View permit details. DR2011-0474 Karen F. Hall Jimmy Hall 701 Kentucky Avenue, SE, Norton, VA 24273 Aug 10, 2011
View permit details. DR2006-0225 Derrick Rayford Sr Sabrina Rayford  
View permit details. DR2011-0822 Ernest Wright Daisy Sato 2544 Key Street, Apt. 7, Toledo, Ohio 43614 Nov 25, 2011
View permit details. DR2013-0985 Kathleen Sloan Zachary Sloan 2021 Marlow Rd, Toledo, Ohio 43613  
View permit details. DR2013-0294 Carol Ann Kelly Lawrence E Kelly 8129 Nebraska Ave, Toledo, Ohio 43617  
View permit details. DR2012-0279 Anna G. Everson Nathan J. Everson T-262 County Road 10, Liberty Center, Ohio 43532  
View permit details. DR2011-0204 Terrence L. Sisson Darricka Lottery 3027 Glencairn, Toledo, Ohio 43614 Aug 11, 2011
View permit details. DR2016-0054 Kuldip Singh Harpreet Kaur Vill. Raipur Arian-Tehsil Bholath Distt. Kapurthala-Punjab, Indi  
View permit details. DR2016-0585 Randa Ballout Abdul Ballout 5134 Fairgreen Drive, Toledo, OH 43613  
View permit details. DR2012-0365 Gene T. Danov, Pro Se Nadiya Beheyma 35 Surrey Ln, Apt #D, Wappingers Fall, NY 12590  
View permit details. DR2011-1346 Sergiy Derkachuk Liliia Klymenko Jacob Novickogo 4, Apt. 39, Zaporizhzya, Ukraine 69035  
View permit details. DR2016-0755 Nagib Jemaa Afaf Mahmoud 246 Brooke Drive, Oregon, OH 43616  
View permit details. DR2011-0639 Gloria E. Rodrigue Eulogio Camilo Retuerto 6 S. Lawn Avenue, Apt. #2, Elmsford, New York 10523 Dec 5, 2011
View permit details. DR2012-0151 Amanda C Milliron Michael A Mercer 1038 Leigh, Maumee, Ohio 43537  
View permit details. DR2015-0387 Mose Hairston Anna Jean Williams 15762 Ryon Ave, Bellflower, CA 90706  
View permit details. DR2017-0087 Rhiannon M Jones, Plaintiff Timothy J Jones last known 1850 Mutual Union Road South, Cable, OH, 43009  
View permit details. DR2016-0416 Tiffany L Scerba Gregory E Scerba  
View permit details. DR2016-0646 Christina Anne Khasawneh, Plaintiff Omar Saleem Khasawneh PO Box 911650, Amman, Jordan 11191  
View permit details. DR2012-0354 Gwendolyn K. Oshodin Osaigbovo I. Oshodin 1920 Mt. Vernon Ave., Toledo, Ohio 43607  
View permit details. DR2013-1128 Beryl Gay Bridges Barry L. Green 10221 Ruban Ave, Stockton, CA 95219  
View permit details. DR2016-0325 Shawn Andrew Klay Vanessa Patricia Ann Byrne  
View permit details. DR2016-0514 Wendy Juarez Reyes Juarez 1424 Colonia, Topo Chico Monterey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico 64260  
View permit details. DR2016-0323 Darvin V Lima de Barros Emily D Warnott  
View permit details. DR2011-0142 Nahed R. Ghobrial Emad W. Botros 1901 Woodruff Road #224, Greenville, SC 29607 May 20, 2011
View permit details. DR2011-0183 Daniel M. Fleming Stephanie N. Fleming aka Evans 4813 Bighorn Street, Orlando, FL 32819 May 20, 2011
View permit details. DR2012-1054 Madaline Kanous Jameson Kanous 5048 Nadir Dr, Oregon, Ohio 43616  
View permit details. DR2011-0444 Frances E. Webb-Smith Delmar Smith Sep 12, 2011
View permit details. DR2011-0198 Kim Leon Chatterson Heidi Slaydon May 25, 2011
View permit details. DR2012-1293 Kevin C. Keefer Pamela Ann-Marie Keefer 49 Bluebird Lane, Apt. H, Cabot, Arkansas 72023  
View permit details. DR2017-0285 Thomas Himmelright Chrystal Himmelright 405 57th Avenue, Apt B, Bradenton, FL 34205